Pushpin Portraits by Eric Daigh






See more of his works on his website:



~ by ZERO on June 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Pushpin Portraits by Eric Daigh”

  1. I had heard of Hedly Daigh, thoug not sure on how the first would have been spealt. May i enquire how these people came togehter as subject for your montage ? And what association do yourself hold, have to this material. Are these pictures representive of a true light and would other than full spectrum accord other traits in their personal description. These are proven quite masterful in pure application, would such allowance of materials be a positive addition to implementation techniques?

    • Hi,
      I just want to know if I did understand your question.
      Are you asking what are my reasons as to why I chose to posts these certain artists?
      Or are you pertaining to Mr. Daigh’s works?

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